Rebel Victories

Rebels have....

Effectuated the most prolific letter writing campaign in American history

  • Over 220k emails sent to Congress demanding investigation, appointment of a special prosecutor & legislation changes that would resolve Trump’s financial conflicts of interest.

Made formal complaint backed by 3,000+ letters to the IRS Commissioner

  • Requesting that IRS Commissioner Koskinen coordinate with NYC Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to discuss the Federal tax violations uncovered by Schneiderman's investigative team.

An email open rate of average of 18% & 3% click-through rate.  But a 95% engagement rate for mobile campaigns.

Reached over a million people on social media via #twitterbait campaigns

Delivered The People’s Mandate to almost every MoC

Made signs, shown up for rallies, gone to town halls, donated, & recruited like-minded members.

Rebels Are....

150,000+ strong (and growing every day)

•25-55 years old

•97% female

•90% first-time activists/little or no civic action experience

•90% professional/10%  full time moms.

•Members self-organizing in 38 cohorts that meet regularly nationwide. Cohort sizes range from 10 to 50 members.