A must-read. The author captures so eloquently all the frustrations and fears so many of us have, and articulates in succinct language exactly how Donald Trump is destroying our delicate democracy.

The truth about what is happening incrementally in our every day life is terrifying.


October 2017

An uplifting and patriotic view of America the Beautiful from a position of humility and history that only Dan Rather can bring. A short book of essays, this would make a great holiday gift for relatives and friends on both sides of the aisle.


September 2017

This book is so good and so sad and so upsetting yet, believe it or not, it was inspiring.  HRCs whip-smart, no-nonsense view is, like all hindsight, 20/20.  It was really interesting to see it all unfold from the campaign POV.


August 2017

The title says it all.  A pre-Trump book about the dangers associated with the decline of moral authority and civility.


July 2017

Essential beach reading from this giant of a Senator (who is actually a wee tiny 5'6" in real life). What he lacks in height, Franken more than makes up in integrity, insight & wit.


June 2017

Generally regarded as the best book on and analysis of Putin.


May 2017

Looking backward in order to see forward. Brush up your ethics & review HRCs platform to carry her legacy forward.


April 2017

The State of the World


March 2017

Brush Up Your Russian



Feminism 101
What Unites Us: Reflections on Patriotism
By Dan Rather, Elliot Kirschner
What Happened
By Hillary Rodham Clinton
Al Franken, Giant of the Senate
By Al Franken
Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin
By Fiona Hill, Clifford G. Gaddy
It Takes a Village, Tenth Anniversary Edition
By Hillary Rodham Clinton
Hard Choices: A Memoir
By Hillary Rodham Clinton
Men Explain Things to Me
By Rebecca Solnit

A collection of essays that you can read...and then explain to men.

We Should All Be Feminists
By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

A short book & quick read. The conversational style of Adichie is concise and clear.  Consider this book a distillation of feminist theory as told to you by a friend.

This book is, just, genre defying. Tried & true "how to" articles from our favorite fashion magazines, re-written with the gender flipped. It's surprisingly not light or funny reading. It's downright upsetting to see how much we women perpetuate objectification & 2nd-class citizenship.



Activism 101




















Racism & community

November 2016

Community & social capital

Once Americans bowled in leagues, usually after work; but no longer. This seemingly small phenomenon symbolizes a significant social change that Putnam has identified and describes in this brilliant volume.

Putnam's groundbreaking work shows how social bonds are the most powerful predictor of life satisfaction. Our shrinking access to "social capital" (the reward of communal sharing and communal activity) is a serious threat to our civic and personal health,  felt in critical ways: lower education performance, more teen pregnancy, child suicide, etc.

In order to rebuild our eroded social capital, we need the concerted creativity and energy of Americans nationwide.

"A sweeping & brilliant exposition of social capital--the invisible glue that makes our society work, especially in the Internet age.  A must-read for those who wish to understand the critical questions of our time."  -John Seely Brown

A light read about the benefits of injecting humor and creativity into civil disobedience.  Lots of great case studies about recent historical events.

Journalist-adventurer Benjamin packed his bags and embarked on a 6,909-mile journey through the heart of white America, to some of the fastest growing and whitest small-town, Mayberry-like "Whitopias."  To glean insight into what makes these towns tick and why they are proliferating, he lived in three of them for several months.

Benjamin-- an incredibly charming raconteur, as affable as he is astute in social commentary--shares what he learned as a black man living in Whitopia and on the racial/economic segregation thwarting American unity.

"A journey through the whitest communities of America that is bound to be thought-provoking, especially when the voyager is as observant and articulate as Rich Benjamin. A very entertaining read with a message worth pondering." - Robert D. Putman, professor of public policy, Harvard, and author of Bowling Alone.