MEET | ACT | LEARN   Our 24-month core curriculum organizes, mobilizes & educates citizens to make changes on local & federal levels to benefit their communities. Designed to inspire & prepare first-time activists, fill knowledge gaps in government processes & American political history.  Meaningful, high-impact projects better connects citizens to their legislators.

MOBILE APP & CAMPAIGNS  Our One-Click to Congress™ app is a high-impact tool at the disposition of our members to effectuate letter writing, telephone & social media campaigns to lobby their elected representatives, to organize get out the vote campaigns, and to rally support for member-sponsored candidates & initiatives. It delivers tailored news for regular, daily engagement.

EVENTS  Members host & organize book clubs, social impact film screenings, while HQ hosts live online webinars/Q&As with thought leaders, teach-ins & private meetings with elected officials. Future programming includes speaker roadshow & retreats.

CIVIC 101 CLIPS We produce evergreen, short-form video content about civic processes, legislative historical precedents, comparative government systems, and protest/lobbying best practices. Think modern-day School House Rock.

AWARENESS & OUTREACH CAMPAIGNS Video, public relations & social media campaigns to publicize to member accomplishments, campaign activities & to gain new recruits.

#TWITTERBAIT Coordinated Tweets at the Potus designed to rattle his cage. 

CUJO Our Citizen Underground Journalist Operation is a portal where anyone can report hate crimes, injustice, civil liberty violations or inequality, which we aggregate and forward to mainstream news outlets. Investigative eyes are everywhere!