Pocket Revolution

The all-in-one ulitmate app for the Resistance.

"The price of apathy toward public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." -Plato

Thanks, Plato. Now we know.

The last election shook the apathy out of every thinking person in America. Everyone wants to help, but it's difficult to know exactly what to do.

The Pocket Revolution app streamlines and simplifies the most essential tools for high-impact activism.  Pocket Revolution is super user-friendly (tested on real parents) and will run on all smartphones.

 The better connected, better informed and better mobilized we are....the better (and quicker) we'll be able to hold our elected officials accountable.

We need your support in order to keep this app both free of annoying pop-up ads and free to download. 

Thank you for pledging your support & helping us reach our goal.  

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