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Best viewed in groups. 

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All the President's Men
By Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein
Inequality For All
Starring Robert Reich
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
Starring Richard Basehart, Ernst Hanfstaengle, Erich Kempka
Equal Means Equal
Starring Patricia Arquette, Kamala Lopez, Gloria Steinem, Lakshmi Puri, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney

November 2017

Hacking, fake news, information bubbles ... all these and more have become part of the vernacular in recent years. But as cyberspace analyst Laura Galante describes in this alarming talk, the real target of anyone looking to influence geopolitics is dastardly simple: it's you.


July 2017

A fast-paced, very recent and completely surprising documentary on the state of coal country and the people of Appalachia.

From the Ashes explores the experiences of Americans in communities across the country as they wrestle with the legacy of the coal industry, and what its future should be. From Appalachia to the Powder River Basin, the film goes beyond the rhetoric of the "war on coal" to present compelling and often heartbreaking stories about what is at stake for our economy, health, and climate.

jUNE 2017


MAY 2017

In the new Shatterbox Anthology film "50/50," Emmy-nominated filmmaker and Webby Awards founder Tiffany Shlain embarks on the true history of powerful women around the world. Women accounted for only 13% of the directors on the 700 top grossing films in 2014 - and only 7% of the top 250 films. Refinery29 wants to change this by giving 12 female directors a chance to claim their power.


April 2017

A not-so-gentle reminder to suit up and show up. Please share with all your non-Rebel friends (and include a link to join our movement). We Rebels know that if posting on Facebook had any effect at all, Trump would not be in the White House.


March 2017



If you haven't seen this film (or it's been awhile since your last viewing) you might be surprised how familiar and relevant this (dramatized) true story about Watergate, corruption in the Nixon administration, and the two journalists who uncovered & reported the story. Both Bernstein & Woodward are still reporting today most notably on Trump's Russian ties.

Watergate had the nation (and the world) riveted for over two years. In retrospect, this scandal make the allegations against (and by) Trump look like child's play.




Our friend Bob Reich is the only one in the world to make economic inequality & the dire consequences for all of a crumbling middle class a delightful subject.

Fast-paced, shocking and extremely informative, watch this to learn how the Trump Administration is undermining democracy & the stability of America by ignoring our middle class.

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January 2017

A refresher course about how fascism takes root in unsuspecting, educated, advanced societies.

The parallels between Hitler/Goebles and Trump/Bannon are terrifying. If you have any doubt or confusion about what is going on... please watch this film now.




A must-see film for all genders.  

This we've come a long way?  This film will educate, shock, surprise, anger, delight & motivate all who see it.


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