1. FUNDRAI$E FOR US REBELS The ACLU raised five times their annual budget over one weekend. This is great news because they can hire more lawyers & more support staff.

    The Rebel Action Network might be lesser known, but we are no less effective. And we are the only civil liberties activist organization with education & action programs for their members....free.

    Please consider hosting a fundraiser so that Rebel Action Network can take our brand of badasserey to the next level.  Fundraising ideas for inspiration here.

  2. MEET YOUR CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVE & BEFRIEND THEIR STAFF   You've called, you've emailed, now it's time to place the face with the name. People respond to requests 75% faster and favors 80% more when they have a pre-existing connection with the person asking. Most of our Senators & House Representatives are going to be in DC, which gives us the open opportunity to introduce ourselves to the field directors & others in the local office who work on issues of concern to your district.

  3. SPEAK UP AT TOWN HALLS  Check this awesome list to see find the next a real life or online townhall with your representatives. Thank you to the Town Hall Project for this document.

  4. SEE IF YOUR REP IS ON THE BLACK LIST The Congress members & Governors who have not publically disavowed the unconstitutional Muslim ban are highlighted in yellow. These are the people that need to be removed from office. 

  5. FOLLOW US ON MEDIUM We are always looking for fact-backed opinion pieces. Not a journalist? Not a problem. Everyone needs to start sometime & we are here to empower & help you.

  6. BRUSH UP ON THE EMOLUMENTS CLAUSE  In order to learn exactly how & why Trump's conflicts of interest are dangerous for our country & democracy, you can download The Brookings Institute paper for free here. 

  7. RUN FOR OFFICE Think you can do a better job than the jerkfaces on the Hill? We agree. And so does She Should Run a nonprofit (soon to be) partner of ours that will teach you what you need to know in order to run and also provide you with resources for a successful campaign. Rebel Action has your back as well.

  8. WATCH THIS TED TALK called How To Topple A Dictator

  9. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED And when you do (because hey, this insanity is exhausting) have a Rebel Action Meeting in your area.  Bitchfest Meetings are heartily encouraged.