Action Initiatives

  1.  ACT LIKE AN AMERICAN:  What are you willing to do for your country? At this critical juncture in American history, inaction has the same effect as collaboration.  Throughout our short history as a republic, Americans are always on the side of justice & freedom. Although we are near inaugurating a democratically elected leader who does not believe in justice for all, freedom for all, nor unity, we as the American daughters & sons of immigrants, we who have benefited first hand from the American Dream, we who will not stand by and watch a self-interested sociopath undo what our forefathers have done and what we have fought to protect abroad.  WE ARE AMERICANS who as an infant nation have thrown off the oppressive yoke of an exploitative & tyrannical monarch. Look around your daily life & see what freedoms deserve protecting.  Then act like an American and hold your elected officials accountable.
    2. MAKE APPOINTMENTS, TRAVEL TO DC AND SHOW UP IN THEIR OFFICE EVERY DAY.  Did you know most officials hold breakfasts meetings once a week where they meet with their constituencies?  Did you know a face-to-face human appeal has more pull than the highest stack of letters?
    3. TELL THEM IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS THAT OFFICIALS WHO VOTE AGAINST CONSTITUENCY WISHES WILL NOT BE RE-ELECTED. Most people like to keep their comfy jobs. Our elected officials are no different.