1. Stop Fake News
    1. Learn the difference between false, misleading, clickbait-y and/or satirical news & check sources against this document.
    2. Use #FakeNews when you see fake news in your social media streams.
    3. Report it to Facebook.  Click here to learn how.
    4. Teach your friends. And remember, few people enjoy being told that they're wrong. Share the document mentioned in #1 with an encouraging note welcoming them in on the movement to stop misinformation and propaganda.

Meet Your Representatives

  1.  Phone calls & letters are great, but lawmakers really make decisions based on personal relationships.  In small groups or 5-10 people request a 15-minute meeting with your city's mayor, state capital & congressional representatives.  Don't know what to say? Here's a script. We guarantee your representatives will not only make time for you, but will appreciate your interest and initiative.

Trump's Conflicts of Interest

  1.  Likely the best scenario for blocking or cutting very short a Trump presidency is to prove he has conflicts of interest that prohibit him from holding office.  Educate yourself on the issue by starting your reading/viewing here. and also here on NPR.
  2. Email your congressional leaders in one click with our new app. Urge them to finish investigations into Trump's conflicts of interest before he is inaugurated by texting INVESTIGATE to 528-86
  3. Read the actual letter signed by every Democrat on the House Oversight Committee and sent to Congressman Chaffetz, urging him to start investigation as promised and the letter re. the conflict of interest over the Trump International Hotel.
  4. Stay on high-alert for Rebel Action Network's official course of action.  We are currently talking with other PACs, Democrats & sympathetic Republicans to verify that our efforts are not duplicated for an effective public information and internal action campaign.  If you are not already on our list, please join here.

Document Hate Graffiti

  1. We're partnering with a couple of other organizations to document the rise of hate crimes. If you see a slur or swastika, snap a photo and save it.  We'll have a place for you to send it shortly.