• Tweet at, email and call the 25 GOPs who have condemned Roy Moore's sexual misconduct yet support the president's. Examples: 

@SpeakerRyan Why do you believe Moore's victims but not Trump's?

@SenateMajLdr Sir, the women who accuse @realDonaldTrump of misconduct are no different than Roy Moore's accusers. @Potus is not morally fit for the office. #PredatorinChief

@JeffFlake How do you explain to your daughter Alexa your public disavowal of Roy Moore's predatory behavior but not Trump's? @realDonaldTrump's accusers are victims, too. #prediatorInChief

 @LindseyGrahamSC Thank you for demanding sexual predators in Congress be publicly named. But why do you believe Moore's accusers, but not Trump's? @RealDonaldTrump doesn't have the moral authority required of a US president.

Here are the other GOP Congress members who have publicly disavowed Moore, but not Trump.

@RoyBlunt , @SenatorBurr @BillCassidy @SenThadCochran @SenatorCollins @SenBobCorker @SenTomCotton @SenCoryGardner @ChuckGrassley @OrrinHatch @SenDeanHeller @SenatorIsakson @SenatorLankford @SenMikeLee ‏ @SenJohnMcCain @senrobportman @SenatorRisch ‏ @SenShelby @ThomTillis @SenToomey @SenToddYoung

  • Make a resolution to have only civil discourse around the T-Day table. All parties can agree on one thing: when we argue, Putin is pleased.


Keep up to date on the congressional hearings on Russian interference.  If history/Watergate tells us anything, they are going to be long and tedious. The entire congressional Watergate hearings were aired on TV for 2 weeks.

If you do nothing at all this month, make an appointment to see your senator & congressional representative.

·       If your reps are Democrats, ask them some hard hitting questions like:

o   How far along are the Democrats in developing a health care package that will serve the people, not the health care industry?

o   What are you personally doing to build a bridge across the aisles?

o   We need you to publicly denounce Trump’s racist & sexist agenda every chance you get. Why? Because you never know what sound bite or pull quote is going to stick & go viral. (see Jimmy Kimmel’s viral monologue or Representative Labrador (R-ID) proclamation that no one dies from lack of healthcare).

·       If your rep is a Republican, feel free to tell them:

o   Their vote in favor of an unfinished Bill is a violation of their oath to serve the people. For that reason they will not be elected.

o   Their silence reads as complacency on all the scandals swirling around Trump (his lies & exaggerations, unconstitutional executive orders, ties with Russia).


Project Healthcare

We need to flood our elected officials with personal stories. We’ve already made hundreds of thousands of calls.  Now it’s time to send hundreds of thousands of messages. In this case, long, personal letters will work best. Include photos, copies of bills, old hospital bracelets or empty pill bottles--send an entire scrap book of your pre-existing condition— the bigger the package the more difficult it is to ignore (emails & letters get tailed, but not necessarily read).  Organize Letter Writing Circles: Think Betsy Ross sewing circles --only with lap tops & a really good color printer.  Betsy organized sewing circles where ladies made flags for the Resistance.  You can organize an evening of writing for the Resistance.  Print, package & stamp thick manila envelopes with your personal stories and send them to your House Representative and Senator’s DC office.

Congress is busy (supposedly) writing a new healthcare plan, but there are plenty of things we can do now.  Shortly we’ll start coordinated campaigns to pressure networks & print publishers to refuse pharmaceutical company ads. (These are not permitted in the EU, btw).

Send us your ideas for other places we can use our collective consumer power to create change. Money talks and we’re the ones holding the wallet. So we’re circumventing legislation and going directly to the source.  (example: Michael Moore’s pressure got Walmart to quit selling ammunition without legislative support; Bill O’Reilly was fired without a formal investigation…)


  1. FUNDRAI$E FOR US REBELS The ACLU raised five times their annual budget over one weekend. This is great news because they can hire more lawyers & more support staff.

    The Rebel Action Network might be lesser known, but we are no less effective. And we are the only civil liberties activist organization with education & action programs for their

    Please consider hosting a fundraiser so that Rebel Action Network can take our brand of badasserey to the next level.  Fundraising ideas for inspiration here.

  2. MEET YOUR CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVE & BEFRIEND THEIR STAFF   You've called, you've emailed, now it's time to place the face with the name. People respond to requests 75% faster and favors 80% more when they have a pre-existing connection with the person asking. Most of our Senators & House Representatives are going to be in DC, which gives us the open opportunity to introduce ourselves to the field directors & others in the local office who work on issues of concern to your district.

  3. SPEAK UP AT TOWN HALLS  Check this awesome list to see find the next a real life or online townhall with your representatives. Thank you to the Town Hall Project for this document.

  4. SEE IF YOUR REP IS ON THE BLACK LIST The Congress members & Governors who have not publically disavowed the unconstitutional Muslim ban are highlighted in yellow. These are the people that need to be removed from office. 

  5. FOLLOW US ON MEDIUM We are always looking for fact-backed opinion pieces. Not a journalist? Not a problem. Everyone needs to start sometime & we are here to empower & help you.

  6. BRUSH UP ON THE EMOLUMENTS CLAUSE  In order to learn exactly how & why Trump's conflicts of interest are dangerous for our country & democracy, you can download The Brookings Institute paper for free here. 

  7. RUN FOR OFFICE Think you can do a better job than the jerkfaces on the Hill? We agree. And so does She Should Run a nonprofit (soon to be) partner of ours that will teach you what you need to know in order to run and also provide you with resources for a successful campaign. Rebel Action has your back as well.

  8. WATCH THIS TED TALK called How To Topple A Dictator

  9. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED And when you do (because hey, this insanity is exhausting) have a Rebel Action Meeting in your area.  Bitchfest Meetings are heartily encouraged.




Action Initiatives

  1.  ACT LIKE AN AMERICAN:  What are you willing to do for your country? At this critical juncture in American history, inaction has the same effect as collaboration.  Throughout our short history as a republic, Americans are always on the side of justice & freedom. Although we are near inaugurating a democratically elected leader who does not believe in justice for all, freedom for all, nor unity, we as the American daughters & sons of immigrants, we who have benefited first hand from the American Dream, we who will not stand by and watch a self-interested sociopath undo what our forefathers have done and what we have fought to protect abroad.  WE ARE AMERICANS who as an infant nation have thrown off the oppressive yoke of an exploitative & tyrannical monarch. Look around your daily life & see what freedoms deserve protecting.  Then act like an American and hold your elected officials accountable.
    2. MAKE APPOINTMENTS, TRAVEL TO DC AND SHOW UP IN THEIR OFFICE EVERY DAY.  Did you know most officials hold breakfasts meetings once a week where they meet with their constituencies?  Did you know a face-to-face human appeal has more pull than the highest stack of letters?
    3. TELL THEM IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS THAT OFFICIALS WHO VOTE AGAINST CONSTITUENCY WISHES WILL NOT BE RE-ELECTED. Most people like to keep their comfy jobs. Our elected officials are no different. 



  1. Stop Fake News
    1. Learn the difference between false, misleading, clickbait-y and/or satirical news & check sources against this document.
    2. Use #FakeNews when you see fake news in your social media streams.
    3. Report it to Facebook.  Click here to learn how.
    4. Teach your friends. And remember, few people enjoy being told that they're wrong. Share the document mentioned in #1 with an encouraging note welcoming them in on the movement to stop misinformation and propaganda.

Meet Your Representatives

  1.  Phone calls & letters are great, but lawmakers really make decisions based on personal relationships.  In small groups or 5-10 people request a 15-minute meeting with your city's mayor, state capital & congressional representatives.  Don't know what to say? Here's a script. We guarantee your representatives will not only make time for you, but will appreciate your interest and initiative.

Trump's Conflicts of Interest

  1.  Likely the best scenario for blocking or cutting very short a Trump presidency is to prove he has conflicts of interest that prohibit him from holding office.  Educate yourself on the issue by starting your reading/viewing here. and also here on NPR.
  2. Email your congressional leaders in one click with our new app. Urge them to finish investigations into Trump's conflicts of interest before he is inaugurated by texting INVESTIGATE to 528-86
  3. Read the actual letter signed by every Democrat on the House Oversight Committee and sent to Congressman Chaffetz, urging him to start investigation as promised and the letter re. the conflict of interest over the Trump International Hotel.
  4. Stay on high-alert for Rebel Action Network's official course of action.  We are currently talking with other PACs, Democrats & sympathetic Republicans to verify that our efforts are not duplicated for an effective public information and internal action campaign.  If you are not already on our list, please join here.

Document Hate Graffiti

  1. We're partnering with a couple of other organizations to document the rise of hate crimes. If you see a slur or swastika, snap a photo and save it.  We'll have a place for you to send it shortly.